Prague Walks

Dear visitors,

Would you like to experience the Heart of Europe from the inside-out? If so, The Prague Walks are for you. Various tours, with unique perspectives, through the insiders eyes. Join our guides and you will discover a true Prague. Don't expect the lectures that you may have come across elsewhere. Enjoy a personable atmosphere and exchange of information with our guides. Each a Prague native with their own speciality for their tour, a delightful experience will surely ensue.
From the medieval "Prague Castle" to the haunting "Ghost Tour", from the fascinating "Old Town and Jewish Quarter" to the bohemian "Pub Walk" , or could it be the liberating "Modern Walk"? You decide! If you´ve got the time, we've got the place!



Dear Jitka,

Vince and I returned home to the USA last night. We have been talking and agreed that our favorite thing on the Viking River cruise excursion was your Prague Walks tours that we took. You do a wonderful job of introducing visitors to the beauty of your native city, Prague! I am telling my frineds how much we enjoyed meeting you and having you escort us around Prague. We wish you the best !

Leigh and Vince Walker


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