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Would you like to experience the Heart of Europe from the inside-out? If so, The Prague Walks are for you. Various tours, with unique perspectives, through the insiders eyes. Join our guides and you will discover a true Prague. Don't expect the lectures that you may have come across elsewhere. Enjoy a personable atmosphere and exchange of information with our guides. Each a Prague native with their own speciality for their tour, a delightful experience will surely ensue.
From the medieval "Prague Castle" to the haunting "Ghost Tour", from the fascinating "Old Town and Jewish Quarter" to the bohemian "Pub Walk" , or could it be the liberating "Modern Walk"? You decide! If you´ve got the time, we've got the place!



It's been a while but in march 2004 I organised with fellow students a trip to Prague. We were all filmstudents back then so I was looking for a company that could organise a tour in Prague that took us along locations where famous film were shot. A second criteria was the fact that the guide had to have some interesting things to tell. It al worked fantastic. The guide took us along locations in Prague where movies like Mission Impossible 1, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Bad Company, The Bourne Identity en Blade 2 were shot. The guide was well informed, brought great photos with her and had fun 'behind the scenes' stories to tell.
You, as the organisation of Prague Walks, understood very well that we weren't looking for a regular tour were we would learn about this king that did some very important things in day no one hardly remembers or learn about a church that is 200 years old.
Next year, in the first weekend of march I'm going to be in Prague again. This time with friends from Gotcha! Cinema were we all work. So it seemed a great idea to me to do the 'filmtour' again.
I would love to hear from you again. Could you keep me posted?

Edward van der Lugt
Amsterdam, Holland

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