Ich will Ihnen mitteilen, dass wir die Tour mit Frau Erika sehr genossen

> haben! Sie hat das toll gemacht und uns nach unseren Wünschen Vieles von

> Prag gezeigt!

> Danke!



> Mit freundlichen Grüßen

> Johanna Müller




Hello Jitka,

As a little extra thank you for the fascinating tours of Prague, here is the article I mentioned which defends Europe for the next generation.

Best wishes from Scotland (where we came back to a heatwave)



Why we must not let Europe break apart





Dear Jitka,

thank you for a wonderful walk, based on our latter conversation, I am attaching the song "With God on our side" Bob Dylan

Clark J. Gentzer, Emeritus Professor of Soil and Water conservation, University of Misoury






we had a great tour with Silvie!

Christine Soskins




Good evening, Jitka.

I apologize for the confusion earlier, but I wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time and Lenka was terrific. Thanks so much for showing us a bit of Prague!

Ill be sure to share your contact info with anyone I know who travels here in the future.

Justin R. Wood




Thank you so much for a terrific tour today! Hope you’re free for round three!

Sincerely yours - Olof Edman, Sweeden




This was an experience on itself! Be aware that this is fundamentally different than the mass walks you can have from the bigger organisations. Maybe you cannot walk with Prague walks every day or on short notice, but the quality is Triple-A-+++!

We booked the tour a day in advance as advised on the website. We, a family with two children aged 10 and 11 loved the tour as given by Jitka very much.

This lady is a true connaiseur on Prague and history and she explains this with a lot of passion for her work. To be honest, I believe she does not consider this work at all.

As part of the walk we also enjoyed a lunch at a local place the way the natives enjoy lunch, at reasonable rates.

Dear Jitka, please accept our sincere gratitude, it was a pleasure and an honour to have been with you for the Grand Walk of Prague.

Regards from 4 satisfied customers from Holland :)




Dear Jitka:

Thanks for a wonderful tour today. It was very informative, and it was a pleasure to get to know you.

Robert and Marcia Liang




Thank you for your wonderful tours of a wonderful city. The tours were informative, personal and informative. Everyone agrees you have a lovely singing voice as well. When you come to California be sure to contact us either in San Francisco or Los Angeles, we owe a great tour of our towns. Mark Siegel




Prague Walks is incredible. We took a six hour walking tour of the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter, even though they do much more. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and personable. She made the city come to life with historic facts and stories. I couldn't imagine spending my day doing anything other than learning about Prague. It has made the rest of my trip so much more enjoyable!

McKenzie Manning




Totally forgot to give our thanks for such a wonderful tour around Prague Saturday the fourth of march! Three swedes in Prague for the first time, and the day before the tour we had already gone astray for like five times. But with such a great guide as we had we could defeat the crazy maze-like streets of Prague and get some context too!

So, super thanks to Prague Walks (and especially our rather cool and terrific guide) for indulging our curiosity and hunger for history! We even got a chance to see where the proud students of Prague promptly defeated the Swedish army during the Thirty Years’ War (though we three succeeded in crossing the Charles Bridge!).

With love from Henrik, Fredrik and Olof




Totally forgot to give our thanks for such a wonderful tour around Prague Saturday the fourth of march! Three swedes in Prague for the first time, and the day before the tour we had already gone astray for like five times. But with such a great guide as we had we could defeat the crazy maze-like streets of Prague and get some context too!


So, super thanks to Prague Walks (and especially our rather cool and terrific guide) for indulging our curiosity and hunger for history! We even got a chance to see where the proud students of Prague promptly defeated the Swedish army during the Thirty Years’ War (though we three succeeded in crossing the Charles Bridge!).


With love from Henrik, Fredrik and Olof




Dear Jitka,

Vince and I returned home to the USA last night. We have been talking and agreed that our favorite thing on the Viking River cruise excursion was your Prague Walks tours that we took. You do a wonderful job of introducing visitors to the beauty of your native city, Prague! I am telling my frineds how much we enjoyed meeting you and having you escort us around Prague. We wish you the best !

Leigh and Vince Walker




Thx for a great tour!





We had a lovely day today with our guide Sylva. She was able to tell us so much of the history of Prague and the castle area. We really enjoyed it and learned so much about this beautiful city.

Thank you!

Lynn and Chris Hooley






My boyfriend and I have made a roadtrip around central Europe and our first stop was in Prague. This lovely city amazed us since the beginning - but thanks to the guided tour with Jitka Šimková we ended up by completely falling in love with it! She knows so much about Prague and makes the tourist feel involved in and connected to the City. After these 2 weeks of holidays I confess we have enjoyed so many different countries, peoples, landscapes, cuisines... But my favourite part of the trip has been the Guided Tour with Prague Walks. Jitka is adorable, her company is very enjoyable, and the city of Prague has so many secrets to discover! Beautiful experience!
Isabel Sorlozano and Constantino





Hello Jitka!

The Summer Issue of LA Travel Magazine is here, featuring my article on our recent visit to Prague and Prague Walks.

You'll find the article on pages 82-84 - we hope you enjoy it!

Thank you once again hosting us on this great walk.  You made our stay in Prague extra special!

Warm Regards,

Susan Watkins
Staff Writer




Dobrý den paní Šimková,

rádi bychom Vám poděkovali za Váš čas, práci a velmi příjemný, pozitivní a profesionální přístup. Jak my, tak naši hosté byli z prohlídky nadšeni a jistě se dozvěděli mnoho nového o Praze a její historii. To vše podáno Vámi srozumitelně a s vtipem.

Odnášíme si z naší spolupráce velmi příjemné pocity a těšíme se zase někdy na viděnou.

Přejeme Vám vše dobré.

Kateřina Fritzlová


PPK Partners - konference Lex Mundi 23.6.2015

Dear Mrs. Šimková,

we would like to thank you for your time, work and very nice, positive and professional attitude. We, organizers, as well as our guests were very happy about the tour and for sure they have learned new facts about Prague and its history. That all was presented in a very understandable way and with humor.

We carry away very good feelings about our cooperation and we are looking forward to see each other again.

we wish you all the best.

Kateřina Fritzlova


PPK Partners - Conference Lex Mundi





Hi Jitka,
I wanted to tell you that I heard from our group and they thoroughly enjoyed the tour from yesterday. This is our 10th year taking this trip and two of the group leaders have traveled with several other groups and they said that this was the best Prague tour they've ever been on. Thank you very much and please also thank the guide for me.




Dear Jitka,

Thank you again for a wonderful tour.  You exceeded our expectations and gave us so much history and wonderful background on Prague.  We cannot wait to return to this beautiful city!

We did make our way to The Municipal House and it was perfect.  Actually, my husband had seen an article on the same restaurant and wanted to find it while we were here.  We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived and it was the exact restaurant what we had wanted to go to all along!

Thank you again and best wishes to you.

Laura and Edward



We enjoyed a wonderful walking tour of Prague on 13 January this year, through the guide you provided us with. Here is her picture...

Thank you so much!

Gary Humphries




Hello Prague Walks,


we just wanted to let you know, how much we enjoyed your services Jitka. You were simply awesome! There was all included - very interesting historical details, cultural news, present political situation as well as your personal insgiht! And you treated us like your friends, showing us the best restaurants, cafes and shared your deep knowledge of Prague!

Thanks again, cheers

Andreas, Linz, Austria




Dear Jitka,

we just wanted to let you know, how much we enjoyed your tour Prague Jewels of Central Europe!!! You gave us private tour and we learned so much....We wanted to reccommend you on Trip Advisor, but they did not even answered back!


Take care

Shannon Beavis




Dear Jitka,
Just wanted to let you know that we had a very enjoyable and fruitful tour with Jan today, and will surely recommend it to friends who are to visit Prague. :-)
Timo Eccarius & Shu-Chiu Liu




Hello- I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the great tour yesterday. We learned a great deal about the history of Prague and it was tailored to what we were interested in.

The tour guide has apparently been doing this for 9 years, but you can tell that he still loves his job. He was able to keep the attention if our whole family, even my 13 year old twins- no easy task!

Thank you for a great day- and kudos to the guide.

Warm regards.
Lee Kair




Very recently, 2 weeks ago we were honored to guide Richard from London Walks and his great friends. I was so happy to hear their really were so enthusiastic about the quality of our walks, that was the best gift! And I can only recommend Richard - as a man he has excellent spirit!




Dear Sir/Madam,


I think my sister may have been in contact with regards to Jan, our walking tour guide on Friday of last week.


I just wanted to say how much we valued and enoyed Jan's enthusiasm and knowledge on this tour. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I would appreciate if this could be fed back to Jan directly.



Yours Moyra Richardson




Hi there

We just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed the walking tour with Jan. he gave us a real insight into the city and it's history. A lovely gentleman.

Thank you





Ruth Gray





Dear Jitka,

Linda and I totally enjoyed your company in Prague and your wonderful Classical Music tour. We also enjoyed your singing. You have such a pretty voice. Prague turned out to be one of our favorite cities of all cities we visited.

Don't forget to notify us whenever you come to visit the United States and I will give you a tour. Best regards to you.


Assir DaSilva




Jitka and Vendu,

We had a great time. I will send you a link to some more photos but have enclosed the team picture. The chapel photos are lovely.

I will post a report on Tripadvisor soon. Thank you for the interesting tour. None of us wanted it to end.

Many Thanks


Grant Revan




Dear Jan
It was October 7 2012 that you guided me and a dairy farmer from New Zealand through the some of the history and streets of Prague and those few hours remain the highlight of my week in your great city.  What you said helped me to understand the significance of what I had seen and heard during the week before--and it whetted my appetitie to learn more about Prague since 1939 and Prague and the rest of Europe since 1989.
Thank you.
Ann Avery
Wellingore, Lincolnshire, UK




Hi there!

Just would like to thank you about the tour made on Prague during my trip.

I do recommend this site for the travelers.

Thank you,





Dear Jitka,

We really enjoyed spending time with you while you showed us Prague from a local's perspective with all the details and insight we would not have gotten from anyone else.


We really enjoyed the tour of the Jewish Quarter with Carolina.


We will tell all our friends and family about your walking tours.


Thanks again,


Paul and Christine Nuttall




Thank you, Jitka! The tour was outstanding, and I am excited to return to my students with more knowledge and stories about Prague!






This past week my family and I were in Prague for a vacation.  While there we did some of the walking tours.  Initially we were planning to do some of the tours offered by a different group (the one using white umbrellas), however they never seemed to show up at the times listed in their brochure.  I asked one of your tour guides if she had seen this other group – she was very courteous and helpful, rather than ignore my request for information even though it was for a different company.

This helpfulness was remembered the next day when we returned to the Old Town Square and once again the white umbrella people were not there. So I went over to the cream coloured umbrella and asked what tours she offered, and we decided to do a Prague Castle tour with her.  This young woman was from Prague Walks, and our whole family was very impressed with the tour.  We learned so much on that walk, and were so impressed with both the depth of knowledge of the guide as well as with her genuine and friendly way of interacting with us.  We were impressed enough to want to do another tour the following day with her.

The following day we did the Jewish Quarter tour – we had such an excellent tour the day before we hoped our expectations weren’t too high for this subsequent tour.  We needn’t have been concerned, the second tour was just as great as the first. Again we learned so much, and enjoyed the pleasant way your tour guide led this walk.

Later in the day some members of our family did a World War II walk with a different group (only since your company doesn’t offer that walk).  My son has a strong interest in the history of Europe in the 20th century and especially the Second World War – this is why we went on this walking tour.  This tour also gave us something to compare with the tours offered by your company.  While the World War II tour was decent and informative the guide was not of the same calibre as the young woman from your company.  That tour cost us much more money than either of the tours from your company and yet we feel we got much more enjoyment and value from your tours.

So I wanted to write this email to say thank you for your company’s tours, we were very impressed and would recommend them to anyone!  I plan to submit a positive review to Trip Advisor, but I also wanted to pass our compliments on directly to you and the people involved in your company.  If I had any suggestion to offer it would simply be to have your brochures in the main tourist information office – we did not find any of your brochures in the racks in that office.

Finally would your please pass on to the young woman who led our tours, I believe her name is Inga.  Please tell her our sincere thanks and appreciation.  Our time inPrague was enhanced greatly by the two walking tours we took with her.

Dennis Hendricksen

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada




Hi Jitka

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks again for such an enjoyable guided visit to Prague Castle. It was a lovely ending to my visit to Prague!


Sent from my iPad




Just a brief
note to say thanks for everything and that I will write more later.  We loved
the time we spent with you and would highly recommend you to our friends.
Hope we can return soon.






Hi Jitka
Once again thanks for you're wonderful tours, I
will certainly be giving my travel agent some good feedback on what you do.

Kind regards,

Brian Stretton




Liebe Jitka

Wir sind nun wieder zu Hause in der Schweiz. Die Woche in Prag haben wir sehr genossen.

Ganz herzlichen Dank nochmals für das tolle Angebot von Prague Walks und die tadellose Organisation unserer Spaziergänge bzw. unseres Ausflugs nach Terezin!

Mit den besten Grüssen




Paní Šimková, chtěla bych dodatečně poděkovat a pochválit Vaše kolegyně za průvodcovskou službu pro naši školu. Výlet se opravdu vydařil a děti díky jejich dobře odvedené práci získaly cenné životní poznatky. S pozdravem Mgr. J.Šípová
ZŠ a MŠ Krchleby u Nymburka




HI Jitka,
We spent nice days in Prague with beautiful walks with sunny weather (what a luck ! ).
Margherita was a very kindle and appreciate guide.
Thanks for all and bye - bye
Enrico Mazza
Private Banker




Dear Jitka,
I am one of the four Americans who was with you on the Grand Walk this past Sunday
and I wanted to thank you for showing to us the lovely city of Prague.  I have been
on a dozen of the tours offered by "London Walks" and on several given by "Paris
Walks", each of which was truly memorable. But being shown around Prague by someone
who lives there and who has lived through its very recent past made the walk
particularly meaningful and it has become my favorite walk of all.  I hope to return
in May and to then see more of the Czech Republic with you and the other guides.
Mark Schmelz  (USA)
London, UK




Just back from Prague and the highlight of the trip was the jazz crawl with Jitka. We visited some of the famous Prague jazz clubs and also some that only a Prague insider would know. Jitka is very connected with the Prague music scene and she knows her jazz. We also enjoyed chatting with Jitka as we moved from club to club, she is 100% Czech and we learned a lot from her. A great night was had by all.

Alan Bercowitz




Dobrý den.

Chtěla jsem Vám moc poděkovat za Vaše nabízené služby. Moji přátelé z Kalifornie, kterým jste minulý týden zajistili procházku Prahou byli doslova nadšeni! V úterý večer jsme se s nimi viděli a jim úplně zářili oči! Byli unešeni z průvodce, který byl jak kniha, nechápali jak si někdo tolik informací snad o každé budově kterou mine vůbec může zapamatovat, taky velmi ocenili že cestou byla legrace, Vaše služby můžu opravdu jen a jen doporučovat!!

Ještě jednou Vám strašně moc děkuji že jste mým hostům dokázali Prahu ukázat v celé své kráse.






Dear Mr. Placek,

I wanted to write a note to thank you for the wonderful tour you gave my
brother and his wife, Jeff and Jeanne from St. Louis, Missouri, earlier this
month in your beautiful city of Prague. I took them on a two week tour of
many cities in Europe, but your tour of Prague was by far their favorite

Living in Germany, I had already visited Prague once and decided I didn't
need to go on the walking tour with them.I now regret my decision. After
your tour, they were truly fascinated by the stories you told of Prague and
its history. I will never forget the joy they felt after visiting such a
remarkable city and learning all about it from you. I will definitely be
back to Prague some day with more friends and family and will be sure to
request a tour by you.

Thank you so much for all your hard work on that very warm day.we really
appreciate it and wish you all the best.


Mitchell Dixon




we, four students from Germany, had our walk on friday with Jan and we wanted to say thank you, it was amazing. He really took time for us, was very kind and funny. We learned a lot about Prague and we all hope we can come back one day.
Thank you Jan, du warst ein sehr guter Begleiter! :)
Kind regards,





Hi Jitka,

Louisa and I had a very enjoyable walk in the rain with Katka this morning. She did a wonderful job, her enthusiasm , knowledge and personality made us forget the pouring rain and have a great time.

Please pass on our thanks for a great morning in Prague, she is a credit to you.
Kind Regards

Geoff Harris





We would like to say thank you to Tadeas. We took the 3 1/2 hours tour today. It was really great not only to know about the history also the background information about the architecture. The walk is great and it was a pleasure for us to listen to him.

Unfortunately we could not book the long tour because of our time schedule.

Thanks again to Tadeas and to the tour operator.

Mariella & Jens Philipp from Germany.




This morning, August 28, we were given a walking tour on Czech Communism by Tom, at 1100. It was superlative. Tom, a History Major, knew an enormous amount, and was more than willing to depict events during the period. He described historical happenings as well as personal incidents from his family and others, with great clarity and detail We could have spent all day with him! It was a wonderful tour, and we wish to congratulate Tom, and you for hiring him! Digna and Andrew Gantt, Wingina, VA, USA




We would like to say thank you to Tadeas. We took the 3 1/2 hours tour today. It was really great not only to know about the history also the background information about the architecture. The walk is great and it was a pleasure for us to listen to him. 

Unfortunately we could not book the long tour because of our time schedule. 

Thanks again to Tadeas and to the tour operator. 

Mariella & Jens Philipp from Germany. 




Good morning walk

Hi Jitka

Louisa and I had a very enjoyable walk in the rain with Katka this morning. She did a wonderful job, her enthusiasm , knowledge and personality made us forget the pouring rain and have a great time.

Please pass on our thanks for a great morning in Prague, she is a credit to you.
Kind Regards

Geoff Harris





Dear Jitka,

I felt I must drop you a line to say how much we enjoyed our tour with Kate Lebova. She really was exceptional and was the highlight of our stay in Prague. She was so knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions, no matter how diverse!!

I have passed on to my contact at the Four Seasons how professional and friendly she was and have recommended both Kate and your company to them for their guests.

Once again, please pass on our thanks to Kate - she is a credit to your company.


With kind regards,


Karen Parrett
Quality Travel






We came back to France two days ago.
I'd like to say you a very big "thank you" for all you've done for our group.
The visit of the castle and Terezin were very interesting with a very enthousiatic guide!!!
We also spent a very very good moment at the hockey match!

Thanks for all!!!!!!

Clément Gouget





Greetings Jitka!

Thank you for your assistance during our trip to Prague in April.

As promised, your company has been mentioned in a couple of articles that may be viewed at the links below. Article published on our website, WAVE

We also have an article published with another online publication, that mentions your business and has a link to your website. The online publication,, has approximately 2 million hits per month so is an excellent venue for exposure.

Here is the link to the article:


Vivienne Chapleo and Jill Hoelting
WAVE - Women's Adventures, Vacations & Experiences

Your Journey Starts Here!





Dear Jitka,

I want to thank you for providing us with Jana for our Grand Tour Deluxe in Prague. My parents and I have visited Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Out of all the tour guides we have experienced, Jana has been the best. She is extremely knowledgeable about Prague and made us very comfortable in Prague. Her ability to express herself in the English language is remarkable. Her historical knowledge about Prague is fantastic. Thanks again for providing our family with such a beautiful guide and tour. Jana’s tour was one of the highlights of our European trip.


Sincerely, Dr. Albert Alba




Our company was honoured to guide Mr. Gingrich on 26.6.2008 and again in the end of the tour our company was honoured second time, while the assistant admitted that it was after long long time when Mr. Gingrich didn't need to correct the dates!




Dear Jitka,
after our really beautiful weekend in Prague, I like to thank you for the great events, you organized for us. The members of the beer-tour and the designer-tour were totally happy, about the tour and the great guides. The evening at folklore garden was also great fun. Although the music was too loud, we passed a great time with the dancings and naturally the group was pleased, when someone of them has to dance with the broom, etc. The meal was also very tasty, we get the fish meals and the vegetarian meal without any problems. Also the ghost tour was fun. Unfortunately the groups were to big to become really frightend, but we enjoyed the stories and the top event of the tour was, when the "Turkish" lost his trouser, while passing the group. Surely that isn't the main sense of the ghost tour, but the most important thing was, that the group loved it, isn't it?
So thank you very much, also in the name of the whole group and I am sure that most of us will return to Prague in the next years.

Yours Bärbel




Thank you Mrs Šimková,

we enjoyed the walk together with Mr Josef Vich last Tuesday (together with our friends (Mr. & Mrs duschek) very much! We are now back home and liked our stay in Prague. Please give our greatings to Mr. Vich.


Yours G. Bischoff





Last saturday we decided to go on one of your tours `Pubs of the old Town' our guide was Yaroslav. We were a party of four and had a fantastic time, the pubs chosen were excellent but more than this we all were so grateful for Yaroslav who was an amazing guide. I know that he was quite new to the walks and was even a little bit nervous when we started but I very much doubt that our night would have been as good without him. We went to some fantastic places and desite a few hiccups along the way, not due to our guide I hasten to say, we had a great night in Prague. Thank you for the walk and thank you for Yaroslav, he is worth his weight in gold.
Prague is without doubt the most beautiful city I have ever visited and I have visited many, I just thought that you may like to know that our visit was enhanced greatly by booking this walk with your company. I hope that many other visitors to your beautiful city take advantage of your fantastic walks.
Thank you again to you and please relay mine and our groups thanks to Yaroslav, he is a star.
Very best wishes from England
Len and Margaret Bradshaw




Dear Jitka

You probably do not remember me but I am the tall English girl who studied politics. You took me on the communism walk on my own. I am just writing to say a big thank you for your walk, I really enjoyed it. I think Joseph - your guide - is such an inspirational man, I learnt so much from your walk and enjoyed telling my parents all about it!

Prague is such a beautiful city and I loved my holiday there!

Best wishes,

Selina Ferwick




Dear Mrs. Šimková,

I am writing to let you know how much myself and my family appreciated your sharing Jan´s memories and knowledge with us during the communism tour. Your personal experience made the facts come to life.As our eldest daughter is to take Central and East European studies at university, the information you shared with us will be valuable to her. We thorougly enjoyed our visit to your beautiful city and also meeting so many interesting and lovely people.

Thank you once again.

The Barcroft Family, Ian, Heather, Shona + Freya





Pub of the Old Town 4th September 2007

I am a student from Canada and i backpacked Europe over August. I visited Prague and went on the Pubs of the old town tour with Joseph on September 4th. I just wanted to say that i enjoyed the tour very much and thougth Joseph was a very good guide. He told us many interesting stories and took us to some really cool bars. Keep up the good work!!





Pubs of the old town walk, friday 3d of august

Compliments to Jirí, the guide on the pubs of the old town-walk on friday,3d of august.
Jirí, we had a very pleasant evening AND thanks to you we didn't get lost afterwards...thank you!

Greetings from Belgium,

Irene and Petra





Hi There,
My name is Michael Interisano, from Calgary, Alberta Canada.  My wife Bari and I went on one of your English pub walks in Prague this past Sept. and had a great time.  We would like to thank Tom (our guide) for a very entertaining, fun and educational night of beer, food and conversation.  I wanted to send this photo of our fun night earlier, but was very busy with my business when we returned from your beautiful country.  Bari and I cycled from Prague to Vienna and enjoyed our route and the villages we visited while making our way to Vienna...



I am writing to say how much my partner and I enjoyed the Communism Walk starting at 2.00pm Friday October 13th. 2006. We were very sorry we had to leave the walk in a rush as it was reaching its conclusion in Wenceslas Square as we had a plane to catch!
Please convey my apologies and thanks to the gentleman who led our walk. It was a most illuminating experience made all  the more interesting by the lively account of his actual experiences.
Bridget Fielding



It's been a while but in march 2004 I organised with fellow students a trip to Prague. We were all filmstudents back then so I was looking for a company that could organise a tour in Prague that took us along locations where famous film were shot. A second criteria was the fact that the guide had to have some interesting things to tell. It al worked fantastic. The guide took us along locations in Prague where movies like Mission Impossible 1, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Bad Company, The Bourne Identity en Blade 2 were shot. The guide was well informed, brought great photos with her and had fun 'behind the scenes' stories to tell.
You, as the organisation of Prague Walks, understood very well that we weren't looking for a regular tour were we would learn about this king that did some very important things in day no one hardly remembers or learn about a church that is 200 years old.
Next year, in the first weekend of march I'm going to be in Prague again. This time with friends from Gotcha! Cinema were we all work. So it seemed a great idea to me to do the 'filmtour' again.
I would love to hear from you again. Could you keep me posted?

Edward van der Lugt
Amsterdam, Holland



English Newspapers, Daily Telegraph, Pubs of the Old Town - great experience!

Rick Steve's guide book
Lonely Planet



Our tour of Prague Castle and the Modern Walk was truly first class. Both guides, Eva and Joseph, were extremely intelligent and fun. Their personal backgrounds and experiences contributed to their knowledge and the information shared to our small group. That personal touch makes the experience that much more enlightening. We feel so lucky to have gotten them as our guides and want to thank them both for making our visit so memorable.
We will definitely recommend your company to friends.



Liz McNulty
Jim and Rika Wadsworth
Pittsburgh, PA





Organisation of congress for 100 people, dinner at hotel Paris with fashion show and band, gifts for all, walk with 5 guides - different languages January 2003

Dr. Czerwenka - Kulmon
Wiena, Austria



I just wanted you to know how much Rollin and I enjoyed our visit to Prague and, particularly, meeting Jana Pehe. Jana made our visit very memorable. We could not have asked for a better guide. She was very knowledgeable, pleasant, easy to understand and seemed to know what would be of interest to us. Be assured that, whenever the opportunity arises, we will tell our friends of our visit and of your company.

Lynne and Rollin Young
Napa, CA (USA)



My wife and I went on two of your walks in Prague and enjoyed them very much.
Please say thank you to Joseph for the incredible length of time he gave us on the Architecture tour and the amount of information he had. We were the only two people on his tour on Tuesday afternoon (March 1st) and our names are Chris & Dot and we are English.
On the Wednesday (March 2nd) we took the 'Jewish Quarter and Old Town' tour with Oria (maybe the spelling is completely wrong) who is a masters Student who visited England recently. We were on the walk with 7 Americans. Please thank her for an excellent walk and wish her good luck with her degree.

Chris Jessup



Grand Walk with quiz and prizes
Aishling Foley
Administrative Assistant
Footwear Marketing, EMEA
Nike European Headquarters



I had the great pleasure of taking several of you walk recently.
On September 23, 2005, I took the Grand Walk De Lux. The guide was a wonderful young lady, a student, that was knowledgeable, friendly and entertaining. I wish that I had asked for her email address!
The food was tasty and plentiful. A great value.
On September 24, 2005, I took the Modern Walk-Life in Communism, Life Today, Velvet Revolution Tour. The tour guide, an older gentlemen, brought the tour to life--he even had a picture of himself as a child with his father and the Soviet Liberators in the Second World War era! He was very personable, knowledgeable and eager to answer all of my questions.
I found the Prague Walks experience to be delightful - a great learning experience! I would recommend Prague Walks to any traveler!

Leo Schieffelin
New York, USA