Prague Walks - Die Beste Spaziergänge



This was an experience on itself! Be aware that this is fundamentally different than the mass walks you can have from the bigger organisations. Maybe you cannot walk with Prague walks every day or on short notice, but the quality is Triple-A-+++!

We booked the tour a day in advance as advised on the website. We, a family with two children aged 10 and 11 loved the tour as given by Jitka very much.

This lady is a true connaiseur on Prague and history and she explains this with a lot of passion for her work. To be honest, I believe she does not consider this work at all.

As part of the walk we also enjoyed a lunch at a local place the way the natives enjoy lunch, at reasonable rates.

Dear Jitka, please accept our sincere gratitude, it was a pleasure and an honour to have been with you for the Grand Walk of Prague.

Regards from 4 satisfied customers from Holland :)