Jitka Šimková, the founder of the First Original Prague Walks®, is still answering all your questions, looks forward to help you with travel schedule and always appreciates your comments!



About our company:
Prague Walks was established in 1995 and has been the first original thematic walking tour company  in Prague, closely tied up with London Walks, Paris Walks, Big Onion New York Walks.
References are added continuously on our website or facebook, we are experts on Prague and thematic walks, cooperationg with specialists and only locals - experienced guides - but personalities over 30 of age with perfect English (other languages based on booking)
We are able to organize any event in Prague tailored to your needs, just very shortly I was guiding Mr. Newt Callista Gingrich, Rene Zelweger, organized "Historical Scavenger Hunt" for european NIKE headquarters, Art Nouveau Fashion Show and Gala evening in hotel Paris, assisting to film directors from Canada, Germany, Ireland.....


Address: Na Bělidle 4, 150 00 Praha 5 Czech Republic

Cell phone: 00420- 608 97 33 90



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Jitka Šimková

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