Communism Walk

Daily at 11:00 AM, duration: 2 hours

Price: 14 EUR adults, 10 EUR students and seniors

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Two world wars, 3 revolutions, finally we achieved freedom again, living in peace and democracy!

About the walk


Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Narodni trida, New Town. Two world wars, 3 revolutions, finally we achieved freedom again, living in peace and democracy, unfortunately still spoiled with corruption,surviving from the times, when wisdom was left behind. We‘ll concentrate on 20th century, after 1918 as split from Austrian Empire, Czech nation became a state with one of the most powerful economics in Europe but 40 years of communism destroyed nearly everything - our skills, our characters, our selfconfidence, our industry.Almost 250 000 people emigrated during that sad period. Now we have freedom again, do we appreciate it or not? Were there some advantages in previous system? What do local people think now after almost 25 years after the revolution? How about EU? Discount coupon to Museum of Communism, Vaclav Havel Library.



Meeting point: Astronomical Clock - 20 metres left if you are facing it, your guide will hold up a beige umbrella with the name Prague Walks on it:

click on the interactive map below please: