Folklore garden + Country life

7:00pm, duration: 3½ hours

Price: 33 EUR adults, 33 EUR students and seniors

Book here

This walk is based on booking! Price includes: 3 course dinner, unlimited drinks, life folklore show

THIS WALK IS BASED ON BOOKING ONE DAY IN ADVANCE for 2 perosns+(in case you book in the evening the day in advance, after 18:00 PM please send an SMS with your booking for the next day).

About the walk

We invite you to an unforgettable experience of czech folklore show and dinner, in the nature, but 20 minutes from the centre of Prague! And the theme this time will be: country life in Czech Republic. Except of these organized walk we can book the seats for you and advice you, how to get there, please, ask your guide or call us.

Meeting Point

20 meters left from the Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square, your guide will hold up a beige umbrella with the name Prague Walks on it.

You can book your walk via our web-form or just turn up 5 minutes beforehand. Tickets for walks are available from your guide or in your hotel.