Ghosts of the Old Town

19:30, based on booking one day in advance, please call or send the SMS

Price: 12 EUR adults, 10 EUR students and seniors

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A Ghost walk is fun and exciting, a unique experience which all ages can enjoy.

THIS WALK IS BASED ON BOOKING ONE DAY IN ADVANCE (in case you book in the evening the day in advance, after 18:00 PM please send an SMS with your booking for the next day).

About the walk


Prague was always a "magnet" for strange creatures, during the centuries attracted lots of scientists, alchemists, artists... Why? Join us tonight and hear about some of Prague's legendary spirits, emperors passion for the occult, Kafka's ghost. Albert Einstein and Mozart were involved!!! In the dark alleys, archways and nooks the desperate souls rise from the dead, grope in passageways, rotten graves open... Ghosts are trying to run away from their terrible trial... You can still smell blood and tears from so many murders, suesides, executions, tortures...

You'll be haunted, learn and laugh at once, some of Prague ghosts will show up  !



According to European occult traditions, Prague belongs to a chain of cities ruled by the Lion supreme,other cities includeBath, Portsmouth an Bristol in England, Delfs in Greece, andRavenna and Rome in Italy.One of the most delightful elements of Old Prague are house emblems or signs, which prove just how naturally elements of the Cabala, Christian mysticism, Astrology and Magic, formed a part of citizens lives in days now long forgotten. In terms of house signs Prague has no rival, in neither London,Munich, Amsterdam or Paris. Numbers, letters, crosses angels, alchemistic elements and objects, symbolic animals and tools of healing, all existed in the Heart of Prague for centuries and gave the city an unparalleled aura of mysticism. Prague has always been a city of astrologers, and has many buildings which bear signs of the Zodiac, in many variations.


Ghosts will show up tonight exclusively with us!



Meeting point
The corner of   the Old Town Square and Parizska street (the only street leading from the Old Town Square lined with trees, on the corner there is CARTIER shop and CZECH TOURISM office, by the brown touristic meeting point sign.

Your guide will be holding up a beige umbrella with the name PRAGUE WALKS on it!


Extra packages

Group discount: Up to 8 people please call or ask for special rate.

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