Ghosts and legends of the Lesser Town

based on booking one day in advance

Price: 12 EUR adults, 12 EUR students and seniors

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includes the entrance to the Muzeum of Ghosts

THIS WALK IS BASED ON BOOKING ONE DAY IN ADVANCE (in case you book in the evening the day in advance, after 18:00 PM please send an SMS with your booking for the next day).

Lesser Town has unbeatable charm in the evening, all crowds disappear to the Old Town and the narrow lanes under the Castle stay empty and silent - wittness of former drama, intriques of bootlickers, gougers, couvetous of money, power, success….ladies of the court, their cunning fi nesse, alchemists,defenestration. Atmosphere of grandious palaces in the contrast with human infi rmity, doggery, jealousy….Lesser Town evokes the impression of good old quiet times,but some nights you can still hear the noise of crime!!!

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