Old Town through centuries

2:00pm (or any time you specify), duration: 2,5 hours

Price: 12 EUR adults, 10 EUR students and seniors

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This walk is based on booking! Old Town Hall, Old Town Hall Tower, Stone Bell House, Convent of St. Agnes, St. Jacob's church, Týn Church

THIS WALK IS BASED ON BOOKING ONE DAY IN ADVANCE for 2 perosns+(in case you book in the evening the day in advance, after 18:00 PM please send an SMS with your booking for the next day).

About the tour

This is a tour of the square and streets of the Old Town. The intricate network of the streets gives the impression of disorder but the streets do have their own historical order and have thus become historical stone time chronicles! This walk goesthrough the oldest part of Prague and will introduce you to the architectural development of the Old Town. We would like to assist you in the recognition of traditional architect styles and show you excellent examples of each building style, including the inside of some historic churches. This area of the Old Town has really created a unique collection of artistic workmanship.
We will describe to you some of the most dramatic European historic events, together with an interesting summary of social and economic facts. We start at the JEWISH QUARTER - walking past the Old cemetery and the synagogues - we will not forget to mention former and present life of Jewish community. Your guide has a number of old pictures and photographs of the area for you to compare with present day Prague.
We'll try to help you to understand their religion, customs, lifestyle and the source of great power the Jews always finaly found, to defence themselves and keep their traditions...
FRANZ KAFKA - had lived between 3 different worlds - Germans, Jews, Czechs, moved many times in his short life, we'll visit the places, which influenced his writing and will describe the ispirative atmosphere of the city at the beginning of 20 century... Prague doesn't let go, either of us. This old crone has claws...


Meeting point
The corner of   the Old Town Square and Parizska street (the only street leading from the Old Town Square lined with trees, on the corner there is CARTIER shop and CZECH TOURISM office, by the brown touristic meeting point sign.

Your guide will be holding up a beige umbrella with the name PRAGUE WALKS on it!


Extra packages

Group discount: Up to 8 people please call or ask for special rate.

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