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Would you like to experience the Heart of Europe from the inside-out? If so, The Prague Walks are for you. Various tours, with unique perspectives, through the insiders eyes. Join our guides and you will discover a true Prague. Don't expect the lectures that you may have come across elsewhere. Enjoy a personable atmosphere and exchange of information with our guides. Each a Prague native with their own speciality for their tour, a delightful experience will surely ensue.
From the medieval "Prague Castle" to the haunting "Ghost Tour", from the fascinating "Old Town and Jewish Quarter" to the bohemian "Pub Walk" , or could it be the liberating "Modern Walk"? You decide! If you´ve got the time, we've got the place!




This past week my family and I were in Prague for a vacation.  While there we did some of the walking tours.  Initially we were planning to do some of the tours offered by a different group (the one using white umbrellas), however they never seemed to show up at the times listed in their brochure.  I asked one of your tour guides if she had seen this other group – she was very courteous and helpful, rather than ignore my request for information even though it was for a different company.

This helpfulness was remembered the next day when we returned to the Old Town Square and once again the white umbrella people were not there. So I went over to the cream coloured umbrella and asked what tours she offered, and we decided to do a Prague Castle tour with her.  This young woman was from Prague Walks, and our whole family was very impressed with the tour.  We learned so much on that walk, and were so impressed with both the depth of knowledge of the guide as well as with her genuine and friendly way of interacting with us.  We were impressed enough to want to do another tour the following day with her.

The following day we did the Jewish Quarter tour – we had such an excellent tour the day before we hoped our expectations weren’t too high for this subsequent tour.  We needn’t have been concerned, the second tour was just as great as the first. Again we learned so much, and enjoyed the pleasant way your tour guide led this walk.

Later in the day some members of our family did a World War II walk with a different group (only since your company doesn’t offer that walk).  My son has a strong interest in the history of Europe in the 20th century and especially the Second World War – this is why we went on this walking tour.  This tour also gave us something to compare with the tours offered by your company.  While the World War II tour was decent and informative the guide was not of the same calibre as the young woman from your company.  That tour cost us much more money than either of the tours from your company and yet we feel we got much more enjoyment and value from your tours.

So I wanted to write this email to say thank you for your company’s tours, we were very impressed and would recommend them to anyone!  I plan to submit a positive review to Trip Advisor, but I also wanted to pass our compliments on directly to you and the people involved in your company.  If I had any suggestion to offer it would simply be to have your brochures in the main tourist information office – we did not find any of your brochures in the racks in that office.

Finally would your please pass on to the young woman who led our tours, I believe her name is Inga.  Please tell her our sincere thanks and appreciation.  Our time inPrague was enhanced greatly by the two walking tours we took with her.

Dennis Hendricksen

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


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