comfortable transfer from the airport - fair prices


Generaly, getting around Prague using municipal transport system is very easy, safe and comfortable. Subway and tram intervals – 5 – 10 minutes, in the top times 2-5 minutes. For you to feel safe and comfortable as well is most important to know, how to pay, where to get ticket, where to stamp your ticket, how long you can travel, using one ticket.

TIP: If you are thinking of using municipal transport while staying in Prague, it is best to buy short-term ticket at the airport – arriving hall (the stand right by the exit, all kinds of tickets) or at subway station "MUZEUM" (crossroad of line A and C) – Travel Information centre (open every day from 7 – 21.00, tel. 296191817)


How it all works – once you manage to get your desired ticket you just wait for the tram, bus or subway and you should stamp it (validate it in yellow machines, once you get on the tram or bus, in subway these machines are always situated before you enter the escalator). You must always validate your ticket, if you buy 24 hour ticket, you stamp it once you get on the tram for the first time, since that time you can use it for 24 hours without any other stamping, the same with 3, 7 day tickets and other time tickets. We would recommend to buy 24 hour ticket, which costs 80,- crowns (2,6 Euro) and includes carriage of various items (you can buy these – if you have change – in vending machines around the city)

Types of tickets

Short term tickets:

  • 24 hour ticket: 80,- CZK
  • 3-day ticket (72 hours): 220,- CZK (only Airport, Travel Info Muzeum)
  • 7-day ticket (168 hours): 280,- CZK (only Airport, Travel Info Muzeum)

Single tickets:

  • Adult over 15 years: 20,- CZK transferable; 14,- CZK nontransferable
  • Children 6-15 years: 10,-CZK transferable; 7,- CZK nontransferable

Transfer tickets: Can be used 75 min from validation (Sat. – Sun. 90 min. from validation). You can get them anywhere – in your hotel, tobacco shop, vending machine, info centre...

Nontransfer tickets: You can get them anywhere – your hotel, tabacco shop, vending machine, info centre

  • 20 minutes allowing no change (bus, tram)
  • 6 subway stations (including the atation of validation), allows you to change between the lines A,B,C but no longer than 30 min

All other very detailed information at

It is quite easy to take the municipal transport to and from the airport, do not hesitate to ask us for the advice.

Taxi drivers


Unfortunately as you might know, Prague taxi drivers are not the most polite in the world. The only company, we can recommend, we were never disappointed with their services is:
AAA Taxi – tel: (00420) 222 333 222 or handy mobile: 602 33 11 33 (24 hours dispatchers)

In case of reaching other taxi company, you should know: Maximum taxi fares have been set for the territory of the capital city of Prague. The fare consists of an entrance fee (34 CZK), a rate per kilometr (25 CZK) and a waiting rate (5 CZK per minute).
On request every taxi driver is obliged to make out a receipt for the fare paid. We recommend you request information about the estimated rate in advance. It is also advisable to book a taxi by telephone in advance.

Out of Prague


Bus, train: Municipal connection between the cities and towns is almost ideal in the CZK, buses are clean and safe as well as trains.

TIP: Bus line – Prague – Karlovy Vary or Pilsen – the bus goes every hour from 7:00am till 8:00pm, every day – high standard of travelling (Student Agency, Letuška).


All info about the timetable:

  • CENTRAL BUS STATION: at metro station FLORENC (B,C)
  • CENTRAL TRAIN STATION: at metro station HLAVNI NADRAZI (line C)

Rent a car

rent a car

Driving around the Czech Republic is quite easy, it is no problem to rent a car for foreigners, usualy you need your credit card or pay refundable deposit 10 000 crowns. Cars are insured, in case you would cause an accident, the damage pays the insurance company, where the car is insured. If you specify your needs (for how long, date, your demands), we can make a choice for you, there are many small companies offering pick up and very good conditions.





Cedaz, s.r.o.

CEDAZ Company provides two kinds of transportation:
1) Regular shuttle bus transport between Prague - Ruzyně Airport and city centre ("V Celnici" street, in front of CSA terminal, 50 m from Republic Square - náměstí Republiky, close to hotels Hilton Prague Old Town and Marriott). The bus leaves daily every 30 minutes: "V Celnici" street » airport: 5:30 am - 9:30 pm. Airport  » "V Celnici" street: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm. One way ticket is 120 CZK / per person.

2) Transport from/to Prague - Ruzyně Airport to/from hotels or to any address in Prague, Czech Republic or Europe according to your order.
In Prague, the prices are divided by zones A, B, C and the destination or starting point and they are fixed and maximum ceiling.

Basic fares for transportation from Prague-Ruzyně Airport to one address in

ZONE "A" (up to 11 km) or "B" (up to 21 km)
a group of 1 to 4 persons ... 480 CZK
a group of 5 to 8 persons ... 960 CZK

ZONE "C" (over 21 km)
a group of 1 to 8 persons ... 960 CZK

Basic fares for transportation to Prague-Ruzyně Airport from one address in
ZONE "A" (up to 11 km)
a group of 1 to 4 persons ... 199 CZK
a group of 5 to 8 persons ... 399 CZK

ZONE "B" (up to 21 km)
a group of 1 to 4 persons ... 399 CZK
a group of 5 to 8 persons ... 799 CZK
(from one address in zone B, with the possibility of transporting other passengers)

ZONE "C" (over 21 km)
a group of 1 to 8 persons ... 799 CZK