Kuks treasures & Bastions

Every saturday and sunday at 10:00am, duration: 11 hours

Prezzo: 1350 CZK adulti , 1250 CZK Studenti e anziani


Price includes: guide, transport in comfortable minibus, coffee and cake, entrance fees

About the trip

Who likes to get impressed with harmony of art and nature, this is the trip! East of Prague lays a grandious complex of incredible lines of baroque statues... Castle Kuks was owned by count Sporck, who invited Mr. Braun (Charles Bridge in Prague) to create an exterior. Not only gardens but all wild forests around are full of excellent impressive works of art with the theme "Bethlehem", it is absolutely gorgeous!

We'll go first to the complex of baroque hospic with original old Pharmacy, church and sepulchre of Sporck's family. There will be a time to stare at all the winding statues called together "VICES AND VIRTUES" or meditate for a while... JOSEFOV this imposant construction - something for the man - was founded by Emperor Josef II, and served from the beginning as a bastion, consisted of 3 parts, and these days we can visit underground space, in a very romantic way... After your wishes we'll make a lunch break and proceed to another historic-army monument - Bastion Dobrošov - built in 1935 - 1938. Little bit contrasting with ideal KUKS?


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Notate, prego: Tutti i giri sono disponibili per tutto l’anno eccetto l’escursione „VILLAGGIO MEDIEVALE“ (la cui visita viene effettuata dal 24/4 al 30/9).
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