Medieval village

Daily at 1:00pm, duration: 6 hours

Prezzo: 28 EUR adulti , 24 EUR Studenti e anziani


Price includes: guide, transport in comfortable minibus, coffee and cake, entrance fees. Kingdom of flowers, jump to the 15th century, become a part of it... Just for half day...

About the trip

If you don't like just watching, but be in action as well, or if you like herbs and natural products of Mr. BOTANICUS, we'll take you to the heart of the production - to the organic gardens where everything is produced in a natural way. You can stay in "real" village from middle ages and try to learn something from old crafts, try to cook original "celtic pancake", or just relax on meadows, or buy some presents.
It is possible to produce your own soap, candle, and we will also taste specialities made on fire, or "medovina" - very old kind of alcohol.
On our way back we will just shortly stop at one private museum of beautiful old toys.


Come prenotare

Per favore prenotate questi giri con almeno una settimana di anticipo via e-mail.
Noi ci organizzeremo per passare a prendervi presso il vostro albergo e per rispondere alle vostre richieste.

Notate, prego: Tutti i giri sono disponibili per tutto l’anno eccetto l’escursione „VILLAGGIO MEDIEVALE“ (la cui visita viene effettuata dal 24/4 al 30/9).
Vi raccomandiamo di portare scarpe da trekking per la maggiorparte delle escursioni (eccetto che per Český Krumlov e Karlovy Vary).

Pagamento: potete pagare in contanti alla guida