Trips in general

Discover with us natural heritage, UNESCO towns, unspoiled, uncrowded, less travelled ways! We mix variety and fun stop where you wish to, usualy walk down or straight!
For foreign visitors Czech Republic is Prague, for locals is Prague a state in the state. Our country is as rich on natural heritage, as Ireland, Scotland or Austria. The main source and inspiration for our trips we took from Václav Cílek's book (scientist, works for Academy of Sciences) "Inside And Outside Landscapes" - how landscape influences us and how we do influence the landscape...
Few words from his book:

"Each land is slightly different and creates slightly different people. Czech lands are rich blends of landscapes, mentalities, views at life and spiritualities. Czech lands - it is a work for whole life. They are very rich, miscellaneous and obscure..."

How to book

Please book these tours at least one week in advance via e-mail.
We will arrange pick up at your hotel and answer or possible questions.

Please note: The trips out of Prague are availabe APRIL - OCTOBER except the Karlovy Vary and Český Krumlov

We reccommend to bring trekking shoes for most trips (except Český Krumlov and Karlovy Vary)

Payment: To your guide in cash